My name is Rebekah and I’m a brand new attorney recently admitted to the South Carolina Bar. I am an Associate Attorney at the Elder Law & Estate Planning Center in Bluffton, South Carolina. Elder Law and Estate Planning might not seem like a glamorous career choice for a new attorney, but both fields provide me with exactly what I was searching for upon graduating law school, a challenge.

After graduation a few things were absolutely certain to me:

  • I knew I had no desire to be a litigator and always be in a court room.
  • I knew that I did not want some boring and routine paper pushing legal job.
  • I knew that I wanted to have the ability to write and publish my writings

So, that’s why I accepted a job at the Elder Law & Estate Planning Center.

Elder Law and Estate Planning are highly specialized areas of law and should be handled by a qualified attorney.

Elder Law provides challenges with how to protect assets from nursing homes, dealing with Medicaid, Guardianship procedures, etc. Estate Planning allows for the client and attorney to create an estate plan that meets all of the client’s goals for their estate.

I also have the opportunity through this area of law to devote time to developing my own little niche: Estate Planning for Millennials.

That’s correct. Estate Planning for Millennials. As a Millennial, and being the ripe old age of 26, I never thought estate planning was something I needed to worry about anytime soon. Oh, how wrong I was.

This blog is dedicated to informative articles regarding Elder Law & Estate Planning. My goal is at the very least to make you stop and think, “Is this something I should look into further?”

So, from me to you, thank you for reading.




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